Without Your Love

Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson

Yesterday just came and went
And today dealt me another hand
Of heartaches that I’ll play
What we said and what we meant
Two different things
Just some words and rings
And time keeps raising the stakes

Tonight I’ll find you in my dreams
And tomrrow I’ll wake up
And have to feel you fade away
That’s the way it goes it seems
Tears filled with pain
And they fall like rain
Constant reminders everyday

Without your love
Every sky is grey
Without your love
I’m just watin’ on the sun to shine
Without your love
Every hour is the darkest time of day
And every moment’s a crime

The more I live without you
Just can’t forget about you
Nobody else can set me free
Baby please come back to me
Baby please come bak to me


And I’m just doing my time
Without your love
And every moment’s a crime